Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a celebration of life

We traveled to horseshoe bay to celebrate our dear sweet friend Billye Fietz's 'One year cancer free' party. Billye is jason's best friend Mike's mother. We love her so much and she went through so much but as you can see she is as beautiful as ever and strong! we were very honored to be a part of her celebration and witness to her great optimism and strength. As always, we love spending time with sweet Mike and Heidi. They all spoiled little mister and he had a ball. It was his first road trip and he did wonderfully!

He also had his first swimming experience. He loved the water and even was so at ease he fell asleep in his float. Must remind him of being in his mama's tummy. We loved watching him experience it for the first time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

my first mother's day

My first Mother's Day was such an emotional one. It is so true that you never really understand the sacrifices and love of a mother until you become one. I realized over the course of 3 days leading into that Sunday that being a mommy is far more than just having a child. It is heart-wrenching in it's finest. It is the most painfully rewarding experience one can have. Yes, having a child IS having your heart walk outside your body because "they" are your world. Every decision I make revolves in how this will effect Bo...He of course is oblivious to all of this, just giving genuine smiles, laughs and unconditional love. Funny how he just makes the world better with every little smile he gives.

Bo can now say "mama" and l love it! He still is not associating words with what they mean but he knows that when he says Mama I cheer and praise him. He is also moving around really well. He is ready to just take off. He laughs all the time and it is very clear that he is a happy little boy. It is such a blessing to be his mommy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I was running out the door last week to attend a "Breakfast with St. NICUlas" meeting...which you will hear more about another day, and Bo was on the floor playing with the green ball. He loves rolling the ball back and forth at his Little Gym so I bought him this ball and he loves to play "catch" with us at home. As I was picking up his toys to leave, I tickled his tummy with the ball and got such a funny reaction. Jason heard Bo from across the house and came in to see what was going on.

You can see from the video that he such a very happy baby and we are such blessed parents. that giggle is the best sound... :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Now, Fort Worth usually has a very mild winter. we may get a snowfall that dusts the ground and melts in a few hours but we had a whopper of a snow earlier this year. I got up with Bo about 3am and he and I looked out the window to see the prettiest snowfall. It was like a norman rockwell painting; quiet, peaceful, with the snow falling ever so softly to the ground in the moonlight. We rocked looking out the window until he went back to sleep. The next morning it was still snowing and it continued to do so for that entire day.

The next day we were snowed in, as the city shut down...we were lucky and maintained our power unlike so many others. Anyway, we thought we'd take Bo out to introduce him to 'snow'. We tried to make a baby snow angel, but he was so warm in his little snowsuit he ended up falling asleep. I threw together a tiny snowman in his honor and we relished in the record breaking snow we had received.

Yes, it was the most the area had ever seen and it may be a long time before this record gets broken so I created this little movie to remember the day. may it bring the same childlike wonder to you as it did our family playing in the snow.

is there any better sound?

bo is developing his personality and i have to say he is the happiest little guy you'd ever meet. i love meeting people and hearing them say, "He sure is a happy little baby, isn't he.' Jason and I hear it all the time and it never gets old.

bo tracks very well, has from a very early age, and one of his favorite times of the day is BATH TIME. not long ago we introduced bath toys and his favorite Mr Turtle. for about 3 days, we'd get this reaction when Mr Turtle did what he does best...squirt water.

so sweet I just had to share. hee hee

here we go...

well, my friend johanna started a blog about her family and i thought it was a really nice way to inform friends and family about the ins and outs of our life. when i started to consider doing this i thought it would also be nice someday, if i keep up with it, for Bo and any future little ones to read about their life and get a snapshot of their fumbling parents.

Bo is 9 months old!! NINE months! in so many ways, it seems like just yesterday we peered into that tiny face and in others, it seems like i have known him all my life. i suppose in a way i did. he has brought more joy to my life than i ever thought was possible and i am so excited to watch him grow...no doubt God has great plans for this little guy!