Saturday, May 15, 2010

my first mother's day

My first Mother's Day was such an emotional one. It is so true that you never really understand the sacrifices and love of a mother until you become one. I realized over the course of 3 days leading into that Sunday that being a mommy is far more than just having a child. It is heart-wrenching in it's finest. It is the most painfully rewarding experience one can have. Yes, having a child IS having your heart walk outside your body because "they" are your world. Every decision I make revolves in how this will effect Bo...He of course is oblivious to all of this, just giving genuine smiles, laughs and unconditional love. Funny how he just makes the world better with every little smile he gives.

Bo can now say "mama" and l love it! He still is not associating words with what they mean but he knows that when he says Mama I cheer and praise him. He is also moving around really well. He is ready to just take off. He laughs all the time and it is very clear that he is a happy little boy. It is such a blessing to be his mommy.

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