Thursday, April 29, 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Now, Fort Worth usually has a very mild winter. we may get a snowfall that dusts the ground and melts in a few hours but we had a whopper of a snow earlier this year. I got up with Bo about 3am and he and I looked out the window to see the prettiest snowfall. It was like a norman rockwell painting; quiet, peaceful, with the snow falling ever so softly to the ground in the moonlight. We rocked looking out the window until he went back to sleep. The next morning it was still snowing and it continued to do so for that entire day.

The next day we were snowed in, as the city shut down...we were lucky and maintained our power unlike so many others. Anyway, we thought we'd take Bo out to introduce him to 'snow'. We tried to make a baby snow angel, but he was so warm in his little snowsuit he ended up falling asleep. I threw together a tiny snowman in his honor and we relished in the record breaking snow we had received.

Yes, it was the most the area had ever seen and it may be a long time before this record gets broken so I created this little movie to remember the day. may it bring the same childlike wonder to you as it did our family playing in the snow.

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